ZUMRO Shelters has been building "Inflatable Shelters" since 1987. The original "Decon Shelter" with the unique external frame and field replaceable canopy is now complimented by a full line of "Emergency Shelters". The Emergency Shelters filled the demand for larger and stronger shelters.

Customized Shelters
ZUMRO Air Shelters can be customized for many types of applications including shelter, command, decon, field hospitals, surge capacity, infection control, gross decon, triage, rehab as well as community functions and many other events. Our Air Shelters range from 150 square feet to 860 square feet with many customizable canopy and interior options as well as a full line of complementary accessories to accommodate your specific needs and requirements.

Uniques Features

  • Rapid - almost automatic - deployment
  • The ability to deploy under extreme weather conditions, when shelter is needed most
  • The ability to move the shelter around or place it over something after deployment
  • Light weight, single package and compact when stored
  • Very reliable and virtually indestructible
  • Capable of holding tremendous loads (wind, snow, ice, rain) even at very low air pressure due to large diameter tapered airframe structure
  • Greater strength due to mitered intersections in arch structures
  • Truly portable - closed system sirframe DOES NOT require continuous inflation
  • Excellent lateral stability and roof strength - full diameter integrated cross air beams between the arches with short span
  • Lasts a lifetime. Mil-Spec Neoprene Air-Frame material provides strength and durability
  • Extensive ability to customize to your special requirements
  • No mechanical intersections or expansion systems
  • Quick connect air fittings and multiple inflation valves
  • Made 100% in USA with 5 year warranty

ZUMRO Shelters are now in service everywhere with Fire-Rescue, Law Enforcement, Hospitals, US Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Secret Service, and Industry