Select the Decon System that suits your needs with ZUMRO's time tested, quality and innovative Shelters and Decon Products. Available PRE-PLUMBED & PRE-ASSEMBLED in 2, 3 and 4 lane configurations; shower stalls and plumbing are pre-installed to deploy automatically with the Shelter in minutes!

Custom designed Response-Carts and Trailers, are available separately and are used to store, move and deploy ZUMRO Shelters & Decon Accessories with ease. Choose from a full line of coordinating accessories: Water Heaters, Shelter Heaters, Hepa Filtration, Soap Solution Injectors, Non-Ambulatory Track, Lighting and Grey Water
Containment are readily available.

Easily deployed even in extreme weather conditions and proven reliability for almost 20 years, a ZUMRO Shelter is the cornerstone of a rapid-deployable Decon System.

When you deploy a ZUMRO Decon Shelter, it is pre-assembled, including floor, doors, roof and any curtain configuration you specified. Available in 2, 3 and 4 lane configurations with shower stalls and plumbing pre-installed to deploy automatically with the Shelter.

  • Pre-Plumbed with Hand-Held Decon showers on recoil hoses and fixed Rinse Showers
  • Pre-Plumbed System allows connection of water supply lines during Shelter deployment.
  • ZUMRO's all new Elevated Rapid-Roll Pools with integrated elevated platforms provide instant grey water containment in the shower area's.

Only ZUMRO Shelters offers the quality, innovation and reliability that thousands of emergency responders and medical personnel have relied on for over 19 years.

The ONLY solution for "all-weather" rapid deployed Decon!

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