While designed as a "stand alone" unit, this shelter has a unique "Link-Up" feature. Both the canopy and the containment pool can be connected to form a multi-stage shower system if so desired.

  • The Stage-One Decon unit can also be linked to existing ZUMRO shelters with the optional Stage-One Shelter Connector. This enables full integration with existing ZUMRO Systems.
  • The inner replaceable canopy is pre-assembled to a "ZUMRO Quality" Inflatable Frame, strong enough to withstand high winds and designed to last for decades.
  • The integral containment pool and base utilizes ZUMRO's patented built-in elevated shower platform. The base has fabric extensions on both ends that form into a built-in carrying case when the unit is stored.
  • Color coded dual line shower hoses and drain hose are pre-plumbed in the
    unit. A fixed shower head and a trigger shower on a recoil hose are attached in the center of the roof.
  • The fixed shower is removable with a quick coupler so a variety of optional shower systems can be installed
    in seconds.

The new Stage-One Decon Shelter from ZUMRO is a rapid deployed pre-plumbed single user shower unit specifically designed for gross decon.


  • Pre-assembled, deployed in 45 seconds.
  • Pre-plumbed for dual showers and drain.
  • Removable inner canopy.
  • Connector door on both ends.
  • Roll-up door on both ends.
  • Window and cover on both ends.
  • Vents with cover on both sides.
  • Elevated integral containment pool.
  • Connecting feature on containment pool.
  • Pool can be disconnected from both frame and canopy.
  • Electric inflater/deflater included.
  • Air-bottle connection hose included.
  • Built-in carrying case.

Product Dimensions:

Overall: 7'L x 7'W x 7.9'H
Interior: 7'L x 5.6'W x 6.11'H
Approximate Weight: 100lbs

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