In 1987 ZUMRO Shelters introduced "Air Shelters" to the USA. The original product was a decontamination Shelter. This "rapid deployable" shelter system had not been marketed in the USA so, once again, ZUMRO introduced a new product and concept into the Fire and Rescue market. The "DECON SHELTER" as it is now known, has become an integral part of most Haz-Mat and Fire Rescue Teams concerned with on-the-scene decontamination.

In 1993 ZUMRO introduced the much larger "EMERGENCY SHELTER" for the growing demand to use shelters in other operations besides decontamination. The Emergency Shelter earned recognition quickly due to its popularity with FEMA sponsored deployable USAR teams.

In 1998 the growing concern for domestic Chemical Biological Terrorism brought a high demand for rapid deployable "Mass" Decontamination Systems. The unique design of the Emergency Shelter allowed for extensive custom work to fill this need. ZUMRO Shelters are now currently available in 9 different sizes, 8 colors and countless custom-tailored configurations. The ability to customize ZUMRO's Air Shelters has made it the most popular inflatable air shelter for Fire Departments, Hospitals, EMS, EMA, military and law enforcement services in the US and worldwide.