Pompano Beach, Florida, July 26, 2016 ZUMRO Shelters, the market leader in rapid deployable emergency response shelters, is proud to announce the sale of the business to Lee Finley of Air Shelters USA, LLC. The purchase includes the manufacturing capabilities, intellectual properties and rights to the ZUMRO Shelterproduct line and patents. Manufacturing will continue from the same facilities to minimize production interruptions. Recent increased demand for ZUMRO Shelters and its newly developed products helped promote the transaction. Air Shelters USA, LLC., a well-funded corporation, will actively market theproduct as well as improve production. The company plans to double manufacturing capabilities withinthe first quarter of operations, reducing lead times for all ZUMRO Products in the near future.

"ZUMRO's strong market presence, outstanding product quality and dedicated workforce are what convinced me to make the purchase" says Lee Finley, owner.

Key marketing strategies will include local and national tradeshows and advertising, social media updates, and as always, on site product demonstrations. The company will continue to employ trained ZUMRO manufacturing staff and sales representatives.

"We're very excited about the purchase, the ZUMRO Shelters outlast and outperform any other emergency type shelter on the market today" says Tim Armstrong, Fire Chief - New Westminster, Canada.

With thirty years of innovative technology and well over 5000 shelters in use, the new owner is excited to continue the ZUMRO legacy of high quality, rapid deployed Air Shelters with Air Shelters USA, LLC.

For more information, please contact Sales at 800/932-6003 or email at info@zumro.com.

ZUMRO Shelters designs, manufactures and supplies Inflatable Air Shelters and Decon Systems to First Responders, First Receivers, Hospital, Military and Law Enforcement worldwide.

Leading the industry since 1987, ZUMRO truly has you covered with a nationwide team of dealers and factory representatives, providing you customized solutions when shelters privacy and scene protection are top priority.

All ZUMRO shelters are 100% made in the USA. The total manufacturing
process, from raw goods to final assembly is done at our state-of-the-art facility in Florida. All fabrics and components are supplied by American mills and manufacturers.

With our focus on versatility, reliability and customization, ZUMRO Shelters are rapidly deployed and ready for use in minutes for shelter, decon, command, isolation /infection control, field hospitals, surge capacity, gross decon, morgue, triage, rehab as well as community functions and many other events.

ZUMRO Shelters manufactures 100% American-Made Air Shelters.

We meet the Berry Amendment and all Trade Agreements concerning our Air Shelters and other products in our catalog.

We are proud to employ 100% American workers and to source only from American companies in the located in the U.S. that employ American Workers and use 100% American Materials.