• Inflates at a rate of 100 sq ft per minute
  • Shelters deploy with LED lights, curtains and plumbing pre-installed
  • Compact packed cube and light weight for quick positioning


  • Shelter deployment is virtually automatic; simply attach the inflator and turn it on
  • Innovative low-pressure airframe design does not require continuous inflation
  • Extraordinary structural integrity eliminates the need for additional struts,  supports or guy wires


  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Premium materials ensure exceptional longevity
  • Trusted by the most diverse customers in the harshest environments

Superior Technology

ZUMRO is the world’s premier manufacturer of air inflatable shelter systems. Our innovative airframe is derived from the same “low-pressure, high-lift” technology that allows rescue crews to safely recover large trucks using only small air bags. We adapted this technology to develop a line of deployable shelter systems with exceptional durability, ease of use, and speed of deployment. ZUMRO’s mastery of the “low-pressure, high-lift” technology and continuous new product development keep us on the cutting edge of air inflatable shelter solutions.

ZUMRO pioneered the inflatable shelter industry in the United States, and thirty years later ZUMRO continues to lead the industry.


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Multiple Inflation Options:

ZUMRO shelters feature our proprietary “push-pull” for fast, simple and reliable operation, all backed by an automatic over-pressure release valve and an SCBA fill valve.​

Short-Span Cross Beams:

Full-diameter cross beams, short span length, and mitered joints provide unparalleled structural rigidity and lateral support.​

Tapered-Beam Design:

Our innovative tapered-beam design concentrates strength where you need it while reducing overall system weight.​

Premium Materials:

ZUMRO airframes are the ONLY air inflatable shelter made from neoprene, which neither wick air nor become brittle like vinyl airframes.​

Triple-Sealed Seams:

Every single seam on every single shelter is triple sealed with marine-grade epoxy, ensuring extraordinary reliability and longevity.​

Full-Length Base Beams

ZUMRO’s unique full-length base beam design allows our shelters to auto-deploy.  Simply attach the inflator, turn it on, and watch your ZUMRO unroll, unfold and provide shelter.

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30 Years of Experience

ZURMO Shelters have been Made in the USA since 1987 – At Air Shelters USA, LLC we pride ourselves on using premium American materials and skilled American labor to earn the right of branding our shelters “Made in the USA”

Extensive industry relationships and strategic partnerships contribute to integrated solutions and “one stop shop” capabilities

Dedicated and experienced staff engineering the highest quality product available

Knowledgeable and responsive manufacturer representatives and authorized dealers providing top-tier customer service

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Zumro Design Studio

While ZUMRO offers a complete catalog of standard products, we understand that one solution doesn’t fit all. Our in-house engineering and design studio allows us to create bespoke solutions for our clients’ unique needs. Whether it is incorporating features or options into current products or developing an entirely new system, ZUMRO will provide the solution.